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    DHA is looking for a Human Resource Specialist to join our team in Washington DC at our headquarters office. This position requires you to obtain and maintain a Top Secret Clearance and be able to work in DC everyday.




    As DHA’s Human Resources Specialist you are the bridge between DHA corporate operations and our employees. You are responsible for the onboarding of employees into the DHA Enterprise, as well as for exiting employees when they resign or are separated from the company. You must be readily available to our employees and help them resolve issues, complaints and concerns in a timely a manner. You must maintain meticulous records and ensure DHA has impeccable personnel files.


    You must be DHA’s face to our Benefits Administrator – Julie Olson of Olson Benefits. You must also be the face of DHA to our benefit providers such as CareFirst, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha and LT Trust who is our 401(k) Provider. You must be able to support the external audits of our 401(k) Program including reviewing the performance of the investment options we offer our employees. You must be able to support the external audits of our Workers’ Compensation Program by our Audit and Tax Partners at Dixon Hughes Goodman (DHG).


    You must lead DHA through the annual evaluation of the quality and cost of each element within our benefits program. Health-Dental-Vision care, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability, 401(k), Paid Time Off (PTO) allocations, PTO remaining balances, PR Bonus allocations and PR Bonus remaining balances are examples of the subject matter areas in which you will need to become a true expert.


    You must be the face of DHA to our employees. This means you will be the focal point for employee questions and concerns. You must be able to acknowledge, research options and present answers to questions and solutions to issues – to both DHA’s leadership team and the employee.



    DHA uses ADP as our HR system of record. You are responsible for maintaining the ADP personnel record for each employee. This includes creating a new ADP record for each new hire as they onboard, maintaining that record throughout their time with DHA and finally closing the record as they depart the company. You are also responsible for establishing and maintaining ADP records for each subcontracted employee.


    Maintaining high quality ADP records is a critical success factor for you. You must maintain many facts about each employee such as legal name, address, phone number, email, marital status, tax exemptions, labor category, job title, salary, benefit deductions, PTO accrual rate and PTO balance. This information may change from time-to-time and our ADP records must be kept current and accurate.


    You must be able to oversee ADP’s filing of state and local tax returns for all DHA entities. This will require you to fully comprehend how ADP has our companies setup in their system. You will need to create a list of all reports you expect from ADP, where they should be filed and the required filing schedule.




    DHA runs our payroll from ADP and we use Deltek Cost Point as our financial management system. You are responsible for helping our Finance Team with synchronize ADP and Deltek. Our Finance Team (and most specifically Judee) is responsible for running each payroll and she will be relying on you to ensure the ADP records are accurate so we pay each employee as expected. This is particularly important for salary changes, payroll adjustments, benefit and tax deductions. You will be responsible for informing the Finance Team of adjustments to salaries so they can be mirrored in Deltek. You will also be responsible for reviewing the Payroll Tie-In Sheet to ensure Deltek and ADP are in sync for each individual payroll cycle.


    HR Files

    You must be able to maintain impeccable HR documents for each, and every employee at DHA. You must have a clear understanding of the documentation required to be completed and fully executed before any individual onboards into DHA. Most particularly identify the background check, education verification and security documentation as crucial components of this requirement. You must have a clear understanding of a person’s first day versus their New Hire Orientation day. Most new employees have their first day at DHA for New Hire Orientation, but occasionally due to client requirements they must go to work for a week prior to attending a New Hire Orientation.


    You must have a clear understanding of the pre-requisite documentation to attend a New Hire Orientation, as well as the documents that must be completed prior to anyone departing a New Hire Orientation Session. You cannot allow a person to become a DHA employee without the proper documentation completed and fully executed. You must ensure all of these materials are captured in their HR file. You cannot allow a person to exit DHA without the proper documentation completed. You must ensure all of the exit documents are captured in their HR file.


    DHA is currently auditing our HR files and we acknowledge you will be inheriting a messy set of files. You must work with DHA leadership to correct the findings of the audit. You must be able to maintain files that are complete and can withstand the scrutiny of future reviews and audits.


    Address Individual Personnel Complaints

    Quickly and thoroughly investigate individual complaints of hostile work environment, sexual harassment, unfair or biased treatment. Support court actions as requested by the CEO or outside General Counsel, Nelson Blitz of Executive Counsel. These actions may be in support of DHA-initiated court action or of externally produced court action such as from a former or disgruntled employee. Support Equal Employment Opportunity Council (EEOC) actions as requested by the CEO or outside General Counsel.


    You must work with our leadership team to ensure each employee receives their annual performance assessment on a timely basis


    Annual Workman’s Compensation Audit

    You will serve as DHA’s Single Point of Contact to the Annual Workman’s Comp Audit.



    You must be able to manage and administrate the benefits we offer our employees. Ensure our employees are clear about the benefits and options available to them. Ensure they are aware of the choices they are making and the cost of their decisions. Provide each employee’s benefit decisions to our benefits coordinator and ensure the selections are accurately implemented by each benefit provider. Julie will help with this process, but it includes many provider companies. Help each employee receive the benefits intended and help them maneuver the insurance companies’ maze of requirements so they receive the services required by themselves and their families.


    You must manage the Open Enrollment period each year for all benefits. Julie will help you with this, but it is a long and involved process. You must provide the Annual Benefits Census that starts this process off each year. You must receive bids from competing insurance providers and be able to articulate the various options the CEO will choose from to continue our benefits program. You must communicate openly, accurately and regularly with the corporate staff and all employees on the schedule for and status of Open Season. Manage the day-to-day requirements of specific benefits providers: Carefirst (Health), Mutual of Omaha (Life), MetLife (Dental), Vision Service Provider (Vision), Smartbenefit, FSA account, CareFirst HSA. You must review the monthly invoices from each of our benefits providers and address any discrepancies in coverage or billing. You will ensure the COBRA Program is offered to exiting employees and managed appropriately


    Manage the DHA Enterprise 401(k) Program

    You share fiduciary responsibility with the CEO in this area. You must ensure each employee’s desired participation is documented in their file and implemented in both ADP and LT Trust. You must ensure 401k deposits are made on a timely basis to every employee’s 401k account – no exceptions –each, and every pay cycle. You must ensure the funds offered in our 401k program provide good results for our employees each, and every year. You must be able to accomplish this through annual reviews conducted by LT Trust with you and the CEO. The results and decisions from these reviews must be documented and maintained in our files. You must be able to defend the company from employee allegations of a poorly run 401k program. This has never happened at DHA, but we must always be prepared for it. You must serve as DHA’s Single Point of Contact to the Annual 401(k) Audit. You must be able to respond to incoming and outgoing funds transfer requests. This includes timely responses to the requesting employee or former employee and remaining in close coordination with LT Trust.


    Government Compliance Reporting

    You are responsible for DHA’s Affirmative Action Plan (AAP). You must function as DHA’s single Point of Contact to our AAP reporting coordinator and ensure DHA files timely, accurate and compliant affirmative action plans and results. DHA will rely on you to recommend new or modified affirmative action remedies if needed to improve DHA’s performance towards federally mandated targets. You must ensure DHA files timely, accurate and compliant VETS100 reports. You must ensure DHA files timely, accurate and compliant EEOC Reports including race/ethnicity by job grouping.


    About DHA has been a trusted partner to the US Federal Government for more than 20 years.  We are a vibrant, energized and fast-growing company serving the agencies which protect our freedom and way of life.  Our mission focuses on the intelligence, law enforcement and defense communities.  DHA adds value to every customer we serve by providing the best solution, talent, expertise and experience specifically tailored to each customer’s need.  We are proud of the company’s culture which is results-oriented and based on kindness, caring and compassion for everyone we serve as a customer, employee or teaming partner.   


    Why DHA?  Over the years, DHA has proven its ability to provide cost-effective, forward-thinking solutions, and exceptional service for customers. The trust our clients, teaming partners, and employees have in DHA is directly related to how we cultivate and value relationships. Our diverse clients include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ), Veteran’s Administration, Department of State, U.S. Marshals, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and the Department of Defense (DoD).     Core Competencies:   · Systems Engineering · Cyber Security  · Software Development · Information Technology Services Support   Please send your resume to Recruiting@dha-inc.com and apply online by searching for our careers tab on DHA Inc.com.   DHA is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. 


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